Côte-Rotie vineyard is certainly one of the oldest in existence in the Rhône valley : Vienne wines were already highly reputed by Rome as far back as one century B.C.
The vineyards are unique because of their vertical slopes and their stone walls. Côte-Rôtie can be rendered in English as "the roasted slope" or "the burning coast" and refers to the long hours of sunlight that these steep slopes receive.
The wines are red, made with Syrah grapes and up to 20% Viognier, a white grape used for its aroma. Côte-Rôtie wine typically exhibits an almost paradoxical combination of meat aromas (including bacon) and floral aromas.
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The Absolute. The exceptional wines in our Sélections Parcellaires range come from plots of our old vines, carefully selected for each appellation. Our approach involves leaving the soil to speak for itself, deliberately not intervening to give true picture of the terroir (the combination of soil, climate - which decides the quality of the vintage - and know-how rooted in longstanding tradition). It is here that biodynamics really comes into play.
Biodynamically grown certified
Heritage. Leading classic "crus" signed M. CHAPOUTIER and representative of their appellations in the Rhône Valley. Renowned and recognised world-wide, these vintage wines and their famous names, bear witness of a long history.

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